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Shlomo Bibas



Robert delivered his webinar on delivering high-performance through innovation, preparation, and collaboration to my global leadership team, and he knocked the ball out of the park. He did an excellent job delivering concepts that were interesting and relevant to my team. The feedback was very positive. We were even able to give a couple of Robert's Partners (CyberArk and SailPoint) some airtime too. It was a well executed session!

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Otto Chan



Our team greatly enjoyed the presentation. Robert did a wonderful job providing insights into the technology and teamwork required to field a winning team in racing, which resonated well with us as we are heavily reliant on working together as a team. Would highly recommend it for any group interested in working better as a team!

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Keith Perry

Black Knight

VP IT Security

Robert gave us a clear picture of what it takes to compete on a professional level for a world class organization, and he did this with great insight and passion. He did an excellent job conveying what it takes to prepare for a race and what a race is like for both hard core racing fans and those that never watch motorsports. His presentation really gives the audience a window into a secretive world that few get to participate.

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Lutz Beck

Daimler Trucks NA


Wanted to share some quotes from my Data Analytics team on Robert’s webinar. The feedback was very positive and we will continue with more groups and potentially also with some of our customers in future.

“I really enjoyed the session and it was a nice break from ‘real’ work."

"Robert was fun to listen to, very enthusiastic and shared some really interesting insights.”

“Very good presentation and insights. Was interesting to hear that they have so many sensors and are also doing a lot of data analytics on all that stuff.”

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Manny Engel



Feedback from Masonite's IT team:

“I think it was very educational, I personally learned a lot from Robert today. His skill of analyzing information and making decision in a such short period of time can be applied in our IT environment. Thank you Manny for the opportunity.”

“It was interesting to see the behind the scenes look at something that looks simple to do (driving a car) but is very technical and requires quite a team to accomplish. I thought the simulator was so realistic that it simulated so well he had to let go of the steering wheel in a crash. Also, was a good presentation and he was personable.”

“As someone who has never been into racing or anything like that, I thought his presentation was pretty cool! I liked hearing about his thought process and how he tackles races.”

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Greg Tacchetti

State Auto


Robert recently made a presentation about himself and his team to our whole Technology team at State Auto, and I've been blown away by how appreciative the team was to hear from him. Robert's passion for the sport of racing and his personal discipline and dedication are extremely impressive. The team was also really interested to learn both about the IndyCar league, and also how much data is generated and how it is analyzed to improve performance. There were a lot of lessons that Robert shared that our team will be bringing into our everyday work going forward.

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Humza Teherany

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Chief Technology and Digital Officer

Thank you for an enlightening and informative presentation on how to build a ‘strategy to win’ and what it takes to be a pro race car driver. Your engaging presentation gave our team great insight into preparation, innovation, teamwork, adapting to changing conditions, and recovering from setbacks. The enthusiasm and passion you exude is admired and we hope to apply some of your suggestions in the near future.

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Jonathan Hay

Cadence Bank, N.A.

SVP & Security Group Manager

Robert provided our teams with a fun and insightful presentation on how his team utilizes technology and data to maintain a competitive advantage. The webinar was resoundingly received, provided an opportunity for individual engagement, and a refreshing perspective on technology.

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Kwame Fields

FHLBank San Francisco


I’m glad that Robert and his sponsors have found a way to stay engaged.

(Our) Chief Administrative Officer...commented to me how impressed she was with Robert. He did a great job breaking down the complexities of racing, especially the heavy role that data plays in being a better racer. (Our team) manages all the data, technology, and security for the Bank so it was cool to see the correlation with such a different industry.

Thanks again for exposing us to your world and I look forward to seeing Robert and the RKM team on the track again as soon as this pandemic is over!

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