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a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals

"the sense of community that sport can provide"

We've made great friends and built our extended race family by sharing over 60 weekends with local executives who agreed to join our team, make new connections, and have a great day at the race track. We love our community!

Here's just a sample of our community.  As long as we keep racing, our community keeps growing! 

  • SVP & CTO - $2B fashion retailer

  • Global CDIO - $37B footwear and apparel company

  • VP, Digital & Travel Ops Analytics - $17B theme park company

  • SVP & CISO - $22B insurance company

  • CIO - $4B apparel and lifestyle retailer

  • Director, Cybersecurity - $16B automotive technology supplier

  • Chief Research & Analytics Officer - $15B media conglomerate

  • Managing Director, Enterprise Management - $16B airline company

  • SVP, Marketing - $34B mass media and entertainment conglomerate

  • Head of Responsible AI & Data - $25B multinational clothing company

  • EVP & CMO - $100M insurance company

  • CISO - $24B electronics contract manufacturer

  • Exec Director AI/ML - $11B health information technology company

  • CISO - $8B rail technology company

  • CISO - $16B clothing and accessories retailer

  • Chief Information and Digital Officer - $22B insurance company

  • CIO - $5B provider of equipment and services for data centers

  • Chief Security Officer - $21B publicly traded utility company

  • SVP - €24B multinational brewing company

  • CMO - $7B IT services management company

  • VP, Advanced Analytics & AI - $7B manufacturer

  • CTO/Chief Digital Officer - $24B drugstore chain

  • EVP, Marketing & Chief Digital Officer - $13B financial services company

  • Chief Product Officer & CIO - $11B healthcare consulting firm

  • Deputy CISO - $13B rail transportation and real estate company

  • CEO - $11B investment bank and financial services company

  • Chief Innovation & Digital Officer - $41B insurance and financial services company

  • CMO & Chief Experience Officer - $2B retail chain of party stores

  • Director, Information Security - $5B financial and retail technology company

  • CFO - early stage electric vehicle automaker

  • Chief Product Officer & CIO - $11B healthcare consulting firm

  • VP, eCommerce - $4B pizza chain

  • VP, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics - $5B industrial products manufacturer

  • SVP, eCommerce & Digital Marketing - $10B automotive aftermarket parts provider

  • CIO - $21B electric power and natural gas company

  • CISO - $14B apparel and footwear company

  • Chief Digital Information Officer - $3B industrial equipment distributor

  • CIO and Transformation Lead - $13B financial services company

  • CIO - 1,000+-bed non-profit, tertiary, research medical center

  • VP, Customer Experience & Loyalty - $3B casual dining restaurant chain

  • VP, IT, Martech, eCommerce & Infrastructure - $1B theme park and entertainment company

  • EVP & Chief Digital Officer - $6B home furnishings manufacturer and retailer

  • CSO, Head of Engineering & Data Science for Trust & Safety - $5B online marketplace for lodging

  • President, Connectivity and Cloud Solutions - $6B electronics manufacturing services company

  • VP, Customer Experience Strategy & Analytics, $5B security and alarm monitoring services company

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I’ve been to the St. Pete Grand Prix probably a dozen plus times over the years including as a guest of other teams, but never have I been made to feel such a part of the family as we did today. From start to finish, the pre-event Zoom, the app, the warm hospitality, and the follow up shows what a first class operation RKM Racing and your partners are. Kudos to SailPoint, Sirius, DataRobot, Cybereason and Juniper Networks for supporting such a strong racing family.

CEO, $11B investment bank and financial services company

You have crafted a unique VIP experience. We loved learning about all that goes into the sport of professional racing. It was inspiring to learn about Robert's story and how you've developed a unique model to support his passion. Taj and I could not stop talking about the "behind the scenes" experience with our family and friends.

CIO, $41B insurance company

Yesterday, we had a truly remarkable and memorable experience at the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle, Michigan. Gary Megennis of RKM Racing, LLC, served as a wonderful host for the day. The tour of the cars was enlightening and fantastic. The technical overview of Robert Megennis’s Number 27 car was tremendous. The race itself was compelling and interesting. After the race, we were treated to a beautiful and satisfying lunch by Andretti Autosport. There was a wide selection of entrees, accompaniments, desserts, and beverages. Overall, the experience demonstrated the highest level of professionalism by Gary and RKM Racing. He, his driver and son Robert, the team, RKM Racing and Andretti Autosport, and the sponsors, SailPoint, Sirius Computer Solutions, DataRobot, Cybereason, and Juniper Networks were truly first class. We are forever thankful for yesterday and look forward to next year.

Chief Operations & Technology Officer, not-for-profit federation of motor clubs

Thank you so much for hosting us at the speedway yesterday. As race first-timers it was so insightful to get your and Robert’s expertise both before and during the race. We loved experiencing it from both the box and the stands. Of course, the up-close tour of the pit area was super cool too. The whole afternoon was top-notch.

VP, IT, $169B telecommuncations holding company

Thank you for the memorable weekend!  When your toddler sleeps with Matchbox cars next to his head in a bed shaped liked a race car, we knew this would be his version of Disneyworld. Days later, he’s still treasuring his new toy car and telling everyone about “riding in my race car.” Thanks Gary and everyone who helped put this event together!

CISO, $3B apparel and accessories retailer

Thank you for allowing us to attend this event over the weekend. This was by far and away the best corporate event I’ve attended in a long while. Gary & Helen’s approach to hosting this event is very refreshing. The fact that Robert is their son and hearing them explain the journey to get to Indy Lights was very informative and engaging for me. As a customer I left this event feeling that the partnership between Palo Alto Networks and RKM Racing was genuine and aligned which is refreshing as a customer.

VP, $300M enterprise software company

Thank you all for the wonderful experience I enjoyed at the IndyCar racing at Laguna Seca. Helen and Gary were, once again, the ultimate hosts; Robert and George were amazing as always; and the experience itself – along with the access, the VIP treatment, and the superb hospitality made for a truly unforgettable weekend.
I am aware that none of this happens without the generous sponsorship of companies like Sailpoint, Optiv, CyberArk, and Palo Alto Networks. I thank you all for supporting this incredibly talented driver and giving we customers the opportunity to – however briefly – join their stories.
I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone involved. Thank you all so much for the chances I’ve had this year to join in Robert’s successes. I can’t wait for next season!

CISO, $3B gambling products and services company

I’ll be honest, I came to the event because I knew my son would love it, but I had little exposure and was doing it for him. I left a fan. The entire experience was one that I appreciated...from the behind the scenes tour of the paddock, talking to various experts, the pits, watching the races (and at the perfect spots I might add), and getting insight into the discipline behind the training and progression of the drivers. Being in the tech industry, your presentation on the data and science behind the racing definitely caught my attention as well. You can be sure I’ve already reached out to Optiv and applauded them for their part in the sponsorship. They need to keep this going…

As I said to Helen, I’m not sure how you do it. So many races…parent, race crew, world class hosts. You must go home after the weekends exhausted. But the bonus is that with the family completely committed you can’t help but be drawn closer together. Back when my kids were a bit younger, my wife and I travelled all over for their hockey teams. When the season seemed to be dragging on, the travel was long, and I was getting tired, my Dad would always offer this insight … “soak it up, savor the moment, have some fun, don’t take it all too seriously, and realize that one day you’ll look back and actually miss all this." As is typical, Dad was right. They’re done with travel sports and I do miss it. Best years as a parent so far. Hot Tim Hortons coffee at the rink (after all we are Canadian eh?), three of us standing side by side at the boards and cheering on the one on the ice. They were the best family moments.

VP, $300M credit union

I am not much into racing, but this was so much fun seeing you and your family... and Robert doing so well!

CIO, $12B cloud computing and virtualizing technology company

Honestly, it should be Tricia and I thanking you and your family. Gary, you are a first class host and your entire family is very engaging and the hospitality provided was superior. We had a great time. We learned a lot and had an outstanding experience.

CIO, $2B manufacturer

It was a real joy to get to attend this race with Robert and RKM Racing. These sorts of events help to create a stronger sense of community between CISOs and vendors and I'm sure that will yield dividends for both in the future. Thanks for sponsoring this team!

CISO, $5B communications company

This was an amazing experience at the track. You did an outstanding job including all the guests throughout the day. The race day insider commentary made the experience very immersive. Visibility into team operations was very interesting. It was great to see Robert’s talent on track and then be able to ask questions about it later. Overall this event exceeded my expectations!

Head Cybersecurity Engineer, $11B fast food restaurant chain

I’ve been to literally hundreds of track events over the years. What made this one special was all the behind the scenes info you were able to share. This made it more intimate and informative than other events.

EVP & CIO, $2B marketing services company

It was a real experience to learn everything behind the scenes from you, Helen and your sons. As mentioned I would like the opportunity to have you and Robert speaking to my team as well whenever it fits your schedule. We had a great time and I am sure Robert will continue his way up!

CIO, $40B vehicle manufacturer

Thanks for the racing event. That was a blast. I enjoyed hanging out and I particularly appreciated the behind the scenes insights and access Gary and family provided. I’ve always wondered how the tuning and race prep worked, and was fascinated by the material and discussions we got from Gary and Robert. Plus, the connection with Robert and having a particular driver to cheer for made the whole experience very cool.

The whole event from the moment I showed up to the end of the race was really a terrific experience. Thanks again!

Chief Security Officer, $2B database software company

Last Wednesday, Robert Megennis came to our headquarters and gave a presentation to our Information Technology group, including my Cybersecurity team. Robert did a terrific job presenting his story and how data analytics help drivers improve…”if you can measure it, you can improve it” was the key takeaway. The 60+ people in attendance really enjoyed the presentation and asked a lot of intelligent questions (mostly about the data since our IT team loves data analytics!). Many of the attendees also spent time with Robert after the presentation talking about driving and also praising him for such a professional presentation from someone who’s 18 years old. I had a large number of people also thank me and Dennis for hosting a fun and interesting event.

I also attended the races at Barber Motorsports Park this weekend where I got to meet and talk to John Kindervag about security and a plethora of other topics. I also really enjoyed the behind the scenes access to the racing and the hospitality of Gary and Robert Megennis and the Juncos Racing team! I routinely turn down invites to vendor sponsored baseball games, golf, dining and others, but the racing is a welcome change from those other routine events!

Outside of the racing, one of the best parts of this event is the peer interaction. It’s a great way to meet fellow security professionals and share war stories, best practices and current challenges. These relationships are always key to continued learning as well as support when security incidents occur. It’s also really interesting to see how other organizations leverage Palo Alto Networks products to secure their environments… me something to quiz my engineers about so that I can make sure we’re getting the levels of protection we need.I am really looking forward to future events. Thank you!

CISO, $7B wine and spirits distributor

Two of the highlights of our day were definitely (1) the personalized tour that Gary provided to us - we learned so much and took away such a greater appreciation of the sport and effort that goes into it, and (2) getting to see how Robert handled what turned out to be a very frustrating race - it was so impressive he had the maturity to put aside his emotions and join us afterwards to talk about what happened. The machines were impressive but it was the human side of the day that made it most special.

CISO, $600M content delivery network

Thanks for the fantastic experience at the Long Beach Grand Prix. Indy Lights driver Robert Megennis and Gary Megennis from RKM Racing were sensational hosts on race day and made it a truly memorable experience. I felt like I was part of the team as they led guided tours of the paddock & pits, provided commentary on races, and joined us for breaks and lunch at Andretti Autosport. Both Robert and Gary were very personable and engaging during the entire event.

Thanks to them again for their outstanding hospitality. Robert's presentation about his career progression on the Road to Indy was excellent. The details he included about training (practice, refining skills), race craft (strategy, planning), and telemetry (data for better insights and visibility) were both educational and relevant to many aspects of cybersecurity and IT. You don't have to be a fan of motorsport to glean key points from his presentation; whether that's achieving goals through hard work, focus, and determination, or reinforcing the importance of fundamentals such as practice, strategy, and utilizing data to improve.

VP, $200M credit union

I've been in SVP/C-level jobs since 2004, but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming amount of unsolicited email and voice traffic I get from technology vendors I get as a CIO. On a daily basis, I receive over 200 unsolicited emails; these are the emails that get through our filters. I'm even getting them now on my personal email accounts. I also get another 6-10 voice messages/day. Additionally, a subset of these unsolicited emails are invitations to attend lunches/dinners as 'educational' and 'peer learning' events, which is really just another twist on trying to get me in front of a sales representative. After attending 2 or 3 of these events, I've declined all of the rest as they are just not a good use of my time. I almost declined the Mid Ohio event for the same reasons, but it was intriguing enough that I decided to give it a shot.

The event you hosted at Mid Ohio was very special in that I learned a lot! In addition, a few of the attendees and I did discuss work and our particular solution sets, and as result, would have actually been open to a dialogue on potential solutions at that point.

CIO, $3B insurance company

This is one of the most effective and synergistic sponsorship efforts I have come across in all my years in tech.

The tie in to the thoughtful use of data and feedback to the driver was fascinating and in a world of emerging IOT would be very relevant to techies and non techies alike. Palo Alto Networks fits the mold beautifully as a team sponsor in a high tech sport like this and I imagine that it provides lots of opportunities throughout the season to bring clients and friends to experience racing from a whole new perspective thanks to Rob and Gary and the way they open up and explain the inner workings of the sport.

Chief Digital & Information Officer, $10B restaurant franchise

We seem to get so many requests to meet with people and it is still very hard to do as almost all of my days have been full with meetings since COVID hit – and you can only go to so many bourbon, wine, fly fish tying, virtual golf, cooking classes from 5-7p after a full day of work. Being in the open and out with real people and at such a nice venue with perfect weather and great hosts made it a very enjoyable outing. Being there all day made it really easy to talk both business and about general topics. Thank you!

VP, $5B staffing and management consulting company

We had a fantastic time learning about the sport and watching Rob and the team compete. Your passion for the sport and the family adjustments you have made to support Rob and George with their aspirations are truly inspirational.

CIO, $6B electronics manufacturing services company

WOW! What a fantastic experience! I was blown away by the Megennis Motorsport experience I had before and during my visit to Road America. All of the touchpoints were world class. Gary Megennis, Robert Megennis, and even George are BRILLIANT and nailing customer experiences! I think SailPoint, Sirius Computer Solutions, DataRobot, Juniper Networks, and Cybereason are strategically brilliant for supporting Robert (a truly talented, bright, classy, and approachable young man). I feel extremely excited about the future for the Megennis family and their sponsors, and I'm honored to have been their guest for the day.

Head of Business Operations, $6B media conglomerate

I wanted to extend a thank you for SailPoint’s sponsorship of RKM Racing and a recent event they hosted at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL. Both Gary and Robert Megennis were fantastic in leading us through the glory of racing, and provided a fun atmosphere to chat with the local SailPoint representative. I really appreciated the low-key conversations that allowed us to enjoy the day while learning more about your company at my own pace. Thank you!

CISO, $127B automotive manufacturing corporation

I was entirely blown away by the RKM Racing experience. I have been to the Indy race as a guest of other sponsors but never, never, have I had such an incredible, informative and personal look behind the scenes. Never has an Indy family made themselves so available and treated us like welcome guests rather than sponsor obligations. In my experience you are doing something unique and incredibly enjoying.

From the moment we were greeted by Helen, to the conversations with your younger son George and the moments with Robert himself, RKM went above and beyond my expectations for an incredible day at the race track.
I learned so much about the Road to Indy, racing, cars, drivers and the commitment prospective drivers like Robert have for their sport. After your presentation, I was very excited to learn that it may be possible to have Robert himself meet my team in 2020 and describe his commitment to greatness.

At my company, we have a goal to establish the workplace environment where our employees can be great. We are renowned for our quality service in an industry that is very price sensitive. The work regiment Robert undertakes with every race is an incredible example of what it takes to be prepared in his world. I see parallels in his approach to committed focus and his drive for excellence to those things that build all high performing organizations at any level or in any industry.

To the sponsors of the CyberSecurity car: CyberArk, Optiv, Palo Alto, and SailPoint (COPS for short), I say success breeds success. I know very little about being a top level race car driver, but I know to be great you need dedication and commitment. I believe you have backed winners in Robert and the Megennis family because they are totally committed to their mission and passion for racing. In the RKM Racing team I see a reflection of the passion and pursuit of greatness in your products. Good ideas executed by talented people with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. I hope to see Robert driving the Indy circuit in the COPS car in the near future.

Thank you for the opportunity to be energized by this experience. The day with Andretti and RKM Racing was THE best day at the races, ever. I hope we can host Robert at our headquarters and have his message inspire my team to think and prepare for greatness in their field.

CISO, $300M insurance company

It was a great event and we really enjoyed it. The logistics and hospitality management were excellent, and it was great to meet area security leaders.

CISO & CPO, $3B automotive parts supplier

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